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AA2233Professional Breath Alcohol Tester (Fuel Cell Sensor)
    Publish time 2016-09-28 16:02    

Professional breath alcohol tester AA2233

(Fuel cell sensor)

1. Display:2. 2” LCD display  

2. Keyboard:3 keys simple operation; “up”, “down”,


3. Power Supply:

Interchangeable rechargeable battery; (Not included)

4. Auto flow monitoring.

Flow detect automatically (patented)

5. Long term storage condition:

Temperature: 0 Degree C to +55 Degree C..

Humidity:  30 to 90% RH

6. Operating temperatures:

5℃ to +45 ℃, for optimum operation

7. Dimension:120×60×10mm

8. Standard packing:

Including gift box; 2 pcs blow tubes, USB charger


9. Optional packing/accessory:

Metal case; mouthpiece, rechargeable battery

10. Measurement accuracy:

 ±0.03mg/L(±0.06‰) at alert point

Drift: typically < 1.0 % of the measurement


11. Certificated:GB/T 21254-2007

AS3527-1997 (quantitative type 2 device)