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Human Resources

Company Introduction

We are the manufacturer of breathalyzer and our factory located in Zhangmugong Town,Dongguan City. 

We have our own R&D team & provide our client One-stop shop services; From I.D. rendering  to 3D CAD modeling, from computer conceptual design to SLA prototyping/working samples, from tester fabrication to production, from component to final packaging; We promise to satisfy our customer's needs on all OEM & ODM projects.

Independent R&D OS/ GUI system

Features Introduction

Functional structure: microkernel + Advanced Extension module

Microkernel features: multi-thread scheduler + Mutex  + semaphore  +  Message Queue

Advanced Expanding component: Multi-process virtual memory management + management + management + file system device driver + network + XGUI


Resource consumption bytes:


 Compiler: Keil MDK (RVCT), CPU core: Cortex-M4

 Code (inc.data)   RO Data  RW Data   ZI Data

  2592  86  0  40  320

 Compiler: RVDS2.2 (RVCT), CPU Core: ARM926EJ-S

 Code (inc.data)   RO Data RW Data   ZI Data

  4984  76  0  40  320


 Microkernel profile:

Micro-kernel is the core of the basic components of a necessary, you can run independently use, resources small but functional:

Thread scheduling method: preemptive + time slice polling;

32 thread priorities, different priority threads to preemptive scheduling, the same priority threads to time slicing;

Unlimited number of threads, to support the same priority thread, the thread can dynamically create, change priority, destroy;

Unlimited number of Mutex, priority inversion phenomenon Semaphore, Queue function, Mutex does not occur;


Advanced Extension Component Summary:


Multi-process functions:

Provide true multi-process capabilities, 4GB of all processes with the same virtual space, where 0 ~ 2GB for a process private,

2 ~ 4GB shared kernel space. The process can be dynamically created and destroyed.