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A One-stop Service Provider
AA TECH  Limited is a high-tech enterprise adhering to scientific and technological innovation, and fully embodies the people-oriented science and technology. We promise to satisfy our customers' OEM and ODM projects. We also provide one-stop service from ID rendering to 3D CAD modeling, from computer conceptual design to SLA prototyping/working samples, from tester fabrication to production, from component to final packaging.

Recipient of Various Awards
Being one of the leaders in the alcohol testing industry, we have achieved the following:
  • In 2005, we launched the Breath Alcohol Interlock Ignition Device (Asia first BAIIDs), which was recognized as "Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Award for new technology products".
  • In 2006, we launched the world's first PDA functions with full-color touch screen alcohol tester.
  • In 2007, we launched the PDA full-color law enforcement alcohol tester (GB/T21254-2007-certified).
  • In 2008, we launched the world's first alcohol tester with video broadcast machine (patented).
  • In 2009, we launched the thinnest and low power consumption sampling system and also the tester (patented).
  • In 2010, we launched the world's first alcohol watch (patented).
  • In 2011, we launched interchangeable tester and printer module.
  • In 2012, we launched the 1st 288 law enforcement tester, the most powerful PDA computer.
  • In 2013, we launched the world's first law enforcement tester compatible with Android mobile phone or iPhone (patented).
  • In 2014, we launched the world's first alcohol tester attendance machine with Wi-Fi or Ethernet function.
Work with Us Today
Our fast, innovative and technological solutions help our customers meet the specific needs of fast-changing markets and global economic environments. Contact us today to begin sourcing.
Independent research  OS/ GUI system  alcohol tester

   Strong Research and development  Team

We are the specialist of Alcohol Tester & Home Appliances. We use technology to create innovative new products / new technology, and integrate into the daily life of the human, people-oriented Technology.

We utilized our own Independent OS/ GUI system to give rise the  world 1st PDA full-color Law enforcement GB/T21254-2007 certificated tester.

Please visit our  OS/GUI alcohol tester demo via


Why choose us 

We have 2 chief electronic & software engineers with more than 12 years experience in alcohol tester industry

We have 1 chief engineer with more than 18 years experience in alcohol tester industry

We have 2 electronic & software engineers with more than 8 years in alcohol tester industry

We have our own OS/GUI and rich software library

We are the one with the latest technology knowhow and no other breathalyzer manufactory can complete with us

We are the only one can make high precision Fuel Cell breathalyzer under USD20

We are the only can make and maintain OS/GUI & support for high-end breathalyzer

Big iphone 4 seconds alcohol tester