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A303-MG Coins Alcohol Machine (Fuel Cell sensor)
    Publish time 2016-11-15 16:36    
A303-MG Coins Alcohol Machine (Fuel Cell sensor)

A303-MG Coins Alcohol Machine (Fuel Cell sensor)


Power: DC12V

Accuracy: ±0.006%BAC

Range: 0~8.0‰BAC; 0~0.8%BAC; 0~4.0mg/L

Memories: 100,000 memories or more

Mulit language: DIY language and  DIY graphic

Slide and gif advertisement: with time control

Automatic flow detect: to monitor the continuous breath


Calibration: Advance calibration function

Unit Conversion:  ‰BAC, %BAC and mg/l

Display: Color 10.1”ips wide angle touch panel display

Breath sampling: about 6 seconds continuous breath sample

Cycle time: about 60 seconds

Coins Capacity: about 200pcs

Blow tube (Straw): about 200pcs

Blow tube (Straw) type: 1/4*8(L)

Coins machine  the coins size as following:

Coins Diameter: 18-31mm

Coins Thickness: 1.2mm-3.0mm

Patented (ZL 2009 2 0267870.X)