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Alcohol tester passive quick wall mount fuel cell screening tester 1st303QT-4.3
    Publish time 2017-04-14 16:37    
1. Product description: formal/quick alcohol screening test function with fuel cell sensor

2. Power supply: DC 12V input

3. Display: 4.3” color display with touch panel

4. Unit setting: mg/L, mg/100mL, %BAC & %BAC

5. Test mode: formal test, quick active and passive test mode

6. Long term storage condition: temperature: 0°C to 55°C, humidity range: 30 to 90% RH

7. Operating environment: from -20 to +45℃, (5 to 40℃ for optimum operation)

8. Display range: 0.00-2.5mg/l BAC or 0-5.0% BAC, BAC or 0-0.5%BAC

9. Breath sampling: about 1 second breathe sample

10. Memories: 1000 test records